Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Overgrown Victorian Cemetery

It had been a while since I’d gone on one of my little inspiration-seeking excursions, but this trip was worth the wait. I spent a day at Mount Moriah, a previously-abandoned, still half-overgrown Victorian era cemetery just outside Philadelphia. Since opening in 1855, Mount Moriah spread to nearly 400 acres. Due to legal confusion over … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Haunted Asylum

The past several Halloweens (my second favorite day of the year) I haven’t really done much to celebrate. So this year I decided to visit a rather famous haunted location I’ve been wanting to see for ages. I’m not going to get into the “where” aspect and the history of it all here. But I … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Salt Marsh

For this week’s story setting inspiration photo, let’s head back to Milford, CT. (What can I say? It would be a great place to set a story.) The photo above was taken at Silver Sands State Park. What you’re looking at is a boardwalk connecting the park’s parking lot with its beach. Those trees you … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Valley Forge

In search of more story inspiration, I went on another little photography excursion yesterday. This time I went to Valley Forge National Park in Southeast Pennsylvania. This post is mostly about the photo above, though I’ll share some others from the trip below. I grew up not far from this park, so I’m pretty familiar … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration – Centralia, PA

If you’re familiar with the story of Centralia, you might expect it to be a creepy place. After all, the old Pennsylvania coal town is often called “the real Silent Hill,” because it inspired the setting for the film. Only a handful of people remain, the rest of the town claimed by the state government and … Read more

Freaky Field Trips and Photo Tours

I’ve been running low on story inspiration photos for the series on this blog. That means it’s time to start visiting some freaky, spooky, and otherwise interesting spots to snap some new pictures. Over the past week or so, I’ve nagged my oldest friend and one of my cousins to solicit a couple of partners … Read more

Love and Horror (and a New Work-in-Progress)

Today I joked to a friend that if I really wanted to hurt my characters, I’d write romance instead of horror. This came after he expressed concern over how many characters I killed off in the course of a story I’m working on (taking a break from the screenplay to polish a short story before a submission … Read more

Horror Story Inspiration: A Grave for 3 Children

Today’s horror story photo inspiration takes a closer look at a stone in the Milford Cemetery in Connecticut — one of my favorite places to visit, and one featured here before. I’m not sure if you can make much of the inscription out in the web-friendly version of this photo above, but it’s a grave marker … Read more