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I haven’t had the time or inclination to get out and photograph interesting things for the blog series over the past several weeks. But early this morning (when I was finally making my way to bed after a long night), I was treated to the view above from one of my second floor windows.

A few rounds of intense storms moved through during the evening, and there was still a light rain coming down at this point. But it was the fog settling in the valley below that caught my eye.

The view from that window usually includes a Christmas tree farm, the valley, and the distant hill on the valley’s other side. But this morning it was nothing but an eerie blue sky and heavy mist.

I don’t think you need story ideas thrown at you for this one. The allure of a thick fog in a story is all about the unknown. So use your imagination. What (or whom) could be lurking in the fog just beyond the tree line? What could a fog like this be hiding in the valley down below?

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