Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Evening Fog


I haven’t had the time or inclination to get out and photograph interesting things for the blog series over the past several weeks. But early this morning (when I was finally making my way to bed after a long night), I was treated to the view above from one of my second floor windows.

A few rounds of intense storms moved through during the evening, and there was still a light rain coming down at this point. But it was the fog settling in the valley below that caught my eye.

The view from that window usually includes a Christmas tree farm, the valley, and the distant hill on the valley’s other side. But this morning it was nothing but an eerie blue sky and heavy mist.

I don’t think you need story ideas thrown at you for this one. The allure of a thick fog in a story is all about the unknown. So use your imagination. What (or whom) could be lurking in the fog just beyond the tree line? What could a fog like this be hiding in the valley down below?

2 thoughts on “Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Evening Fog”

  1. Being a romance author, I find a lot of emotion in the fog, myself. My thoughts lean towards what’s concealed, and why, when I start to think about the fogginess. That totally works for horror, too, but that’s because horror and romance often do have a lot of intersection!

    • That they can!

      When I first read your comment, I kept thinking I screwed this photo opp up. Had I been a bit brighter at that ungodly hour (or inclined to go outside in that cold rain), I’d have taken the photo at ground level from the property’s edge. It’s tough to catch that deep blue phase of the morning sky. I’ve only done it twice now. So I’m hesitant to re-position when I have the shot (it can pass in just a couple of minutes). But a ground shot, in that fog, w/ that blue haze in the air… that would have been incredible and really added to that “what’s concealed?” element. Maybe next time! 🙂


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