Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Under the Overpass

In this week’s horror story setting inspiration post, I have several photos to share. As mentioned in my previous post covering a bridge in a town where I used to live, I also photographed inspiration for body dump locations near an overpass on that same trip. Again, these photos were taken along a fairly secluded … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Through the Lens

Today’s story setting inspiration photo is a bit different than the others. Instead of being focused on a certain place, its emphasis is on what could be right in front of your face without you even realizing it. I took this photo shortly after a snow and ice storm. That doesn’t always stick to the … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration: Frozen Lake

For the latest story setting inspiration photo, I took a shot of a local reservoir, Lake Ontelaunee, back in February. It was an odd day to say the least. The temperature was heading into the mid-60s, like an early Spring day. Yet the reservoir was still frozen over from the recent cold. As I was … Read more

Story Setting Inspiration: Brooklyn

In two recent posts I talked about a screenplay I’m working on and how my own unfinished nursery influenced one scene in the story. In the former I mentioned I’d be going up to NY for the day and photographing some points of interest in my hometown in Brooklyn. While Brooklyn isn’t the setting for … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration: The Steel Stacks

Today I’d like to move on with the regular photo post series with a shot I took in December of 2014 at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to meet up with my aunt and uncle from New Jersey there before Christmas to attend Christkindlmarkt. I’m a big fan of … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration – Charles Island

To continue the photo series on story setting inspiration, today I’d like to share a series of four photos. These were taken in Milford, Connecticut — a New England town my Puritan minister ancestor founded in the 1600s, and the town whose cemetery I featured previously. Today, I want to share four photos I took … Read more