Horror Story Inspiration From Everyday Life

Pretty much anything can inspire a new story. A person. A place. An image. An overheard conversation. Even a memory. With a big push planned in short fiction this year, I’m pulling inspiration from anywhere I can find it. And memories are proving to be a surprisingly fruitful source. What’s great about our real-life experiences … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration – Peeking Through the Trees

To continue with the photo post series on setting inspiration, I want to share this photo which I took right outside my front door last week. This photo isn’t necessarily tied to any of my own horror stories, but the beautiful yet eerie tone of the sky caught my eye that morning. And the backlit … Read more

Horror Story Setting Inspiration – New England Cemetery

Today I’m kicking off a new series of posts — setting inspiration for horror writers. These will sometimes be photos inspiring my own stories’ settings. And sometimes they’ll just be eerie or otherwise interesting photos that I’m sharing in the hope they’ll inspire others. I’m aiming for one of these posts each week. All of … Read more

My Horror Movie Watch List for 2016

Yesterday I shared the horror novels that made my reading list for 2016. Today I thought I’d share some of the horror movies that I plan to watch as well. Many of these are films I’ve been wanting to watch for the first time, though some are favorites I watch repeatedly. The Shining Dusk till … Read more

Flash Fiction Stories Available

This is just a quick announcement about some stories I’ve made available online. In addition to writing horror, I write mysteries under the name Aria Klein. I’ve started publishing flash fiction and short stories at QuickMystery.com. While these are technically mysteries, some will potentially cross into horror territory — murder, stalkers, and all sorts of … Read more

Indie Authors Can Now Join the Horror Writers Association

I know I’m a bit late mentioning this here, but just a quick heads up to any other indie horror writers: revenue from your novels can now be used to help you meet the eligibility requirements of the Horror Writers Association. I’m really happy about the news. I served on the sub-committee that made recommendations … Read more

A Rant About Book Trailers

My plan today was to find some great examples of horror book trailers and share them as some inspiration for other indie publishers out there. That isn’t going to happen. You see, I couldn’t find any horror book trailers that actually worked. Book trailers are one of those things that I either love or hate. They never … Read more

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I’d like to talk a little bit about the background of my first horror novel today. On its most basic level, it’s a ghost story — based on an urban legend from my college town, but a ghost story nonetheless. Ghost stories appeal to me in large part due to their plausibility (at least in … Read more