Indie Authors Can Now Join the Horror Writers Association

I know I’m a bit late mentioning this here, but just a quick heads up to any other indie horror writers: revenue from your novels can now be used to help you meet the eligibility requirements of the Horror Writers Association.

I’m really happy about the news. I served on the sub-committee that made recommendations on this issue, so I had a strong interest in seeing an affirmative vote go through. I covered this in more depth over at All Freelance Writing if you’re interested. But here’s an excerpt covering the basic requirements for indies:

Here is a quick run-down of the new membership requirements as they apply to self-published books:

  • You must earn at least $2000 from a single work within two years to be eligible for active member status (with voting privileges).
  • You must earn at least $200 from a single work within two years to be eligible for affiliate member status.
  • Eligible book-length works include those at least 40,000 words long.

You can learn more in the official announcement over at

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