Podcast: Authors Attacking Book Reviewers

I don’t intend to share a lot of posts for other writers on this blog. But today is an exception because the subject matter applies just as much to book reviewers (including readers who post reviews on third party websites like Amazon).

What I’d like to do is share a podcast episode from my All Freelance Writing podcast. The podcast episodes, and All Freelance Writing as a whole, focus on freelance writers, indie authors, and bloggers.

This episode deals with the issue of negative book reviews and authors who went on the attack over them. You’ll hear a few crazy stories you may or may not have heard yet, and we offer some tips that will hopefully help you take negative reviews less personally. Given my PR background working with authors and other creative types, reputation management is an issue near and dear to my heart.

This episode features my first guest co-host, Princess Jones. I don’t run an interview-style podcast, so it’s set up as more of a casual chat. Apologies for the call quality. This was the first test run with that particular setup. For the more sensitive among us, be forewarned the episode does contain some foul language. You can stream or download the episode below.


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