What is the Spookiest Place You’ve Ever Visited?

I went to a family party this weekend and ran into an old family friend. It turns out he wants to write books, so we chatted a bit. And I mentioned a spooky abandoned hospital that I desperately want to visit for research, but which isn’t open for public tours. He used to be a police officer in that town and had some knowledge of the owner (having been called out there due to people trespassing to check it out).

He seemed pretty confident that the owner might let me visit the property for research. So I’m excited at the prospect. I have some more background research to do first, but then I’ll reach out and pitch the visit.

Anyway, this whole issue had me thinking about spooky places in general. And I was just wondering… what’s the spookiest place you have ever visited? I don’t mean Halloween events. I mean locations that have an eerie quality all their own.

Sometimes I feel like my own home is the spookiest place I’ve been. It routinely creeps me out — especially our basement and it’s strange little hidden room where your ears pop when you enter it and you can’t access a light until you walk to the middle of the room in complete darkness (I kid you not — it’s a weird room). But other than that, I remember seeing an abandoned upper floor of a large department store back when I worked in the retail world (never again). Very creepy place that not many people had a chance to see.

What about you?

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